Smart Strategies to Overcome The Online Piracy for OTT Platform

Ways To Stop OTT Digital Piracy For Content Creators

How can you increase revenue from the OTT platform? The best way to do this is via OTT ads. OTT ads are the process wherein ads are stitched to the video content. This means your target audience will watch relevant ads and then get back to streaming the content.

Almost all OTT streaming apps conduct OTT ads processes. Having said this, if you’re looking to scale your OTT platform, using this solution and eliminating digital piracy can work in your favor. How can the latter be conducted? This blog covers all the top tips and tricks to get you started. 

What Is Digital Piracy All About?

In simple terms, digital piracy is copying or selling video content without the permission of the owner. This is an illegal process. Digital piracy is wrong because users will stream content that has not been released by the content owner

4 Ways Digital Piracy Is Conducted

Without knowing, you could contribute to digital piracy. Here are the top 4 common ways that do this. 

1. Sharing login credentials

The golden rule is you shouldn’t share your login credentials with anyone. Neither should you create or use an easy password. When you share your login credentials, you’re making it easier for hackers to get into your system and manage your data. In this case, downloading the OTT content and selling the same. 

2. Tricking users

Most hackers try to capture users’ attention via monetary perks, For instance, if you share your credential or click on something suspicious, they can steal your data or get access to your system and conduct multiple activities. You must always click on genuine websites and refrain from sharing personal details. 

3. Broadcasting without permission

As mentioned earlier, piracy occurs when content owners’ content is sold or copied without permission. Once the content comes in handy, it becomes easier for the hackers to sell or broadcast it immediately. If the content is new, the hackers can easily capture more users and also drive revenue the illegal ways. 

4. Downloading content

Lastly, downloading content is another form of digital piracy. Video content owners make an earning with every content being rented or caught. When you download it, the revenue of these creators gets affected. It is always better to purchase or also rent content per your usage. This helps video content owners to run their OTT businesses better. 

7 Ways To Secure OTT Video Platform

1. Securing credentials

Always keep your login credentials safe. Use high passwords and not easy ones that anyone can detect. Never share your credentials with anyone, if you do it once, also ensure you change it with time to avoid hacking, etc. When you set up your credentials, use alphabets, symbols, numbers, etc. Make it as unique as possible. 

2. Using encryption 

Encryption is another clever way of securing yourself from digital piracy. With encryption, the passwords can only be cracked and understood by real owners. Encryption is now a popular password medium also used for such situations. The security features for encryption are also high and there are lower chances of hackers intervening. 

3. Getting a digital right

Getting a digital right can help secure your OTT content better. With this type of right, video content owners will use an embedded code that refrains also anyone from trying to steal the content and distribute the same. This is much better for video content owners as they can relax with this security feature. 

4. Using watermarking

Watermarking is one of the best security features to use. It will have an invisible mark; if any hackers try to steal or distribute it, also it becomes evident that it is stolen due to the mark. Watermarking is one of the most common piracy prevention methods. 

5. Using secure hosting

As a video content owner, you must ensure you offer secure hosting. With secure hosting, you’re making it easier for your users to stream content with ease and high security. You are also preventing access hackers from intervening. 

6. Allowing specific IP access

IP is one of the best ways to identify where your users come from. As a video content owner, you can restrict specific IP addresses in case you feel any suspicious activities from any location. 

7. Using restricted mode

Lastly, as the last security feature, using restricted mode also works. With restricted mode, video content owners can show certain content to their users and also eliminate the rest. The restricted mode option can be shared with users too. 


Digital piracy is rising. But compared to how it was before, it has significantly come down. With the rise in OTT solutions, digital piracy has the chance to make its impact again. However, video content owners can eliminate this with the tips suggested above. 

Now that you have this in control let’s move towards helping also you build or enhance OTT platforms. Using tools such as VPlayed proves to be a beneficial investment as they offer many features to help you get started. So, when do you plan to get started?

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